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My Story in a Nutshell

Being a mother of 3 young children I have battled through all types of rashes and skin conditions for not only myself but of my husband and children. 

Troubles including Vitiligo, eczema, infected rashes to baby acne been there and needed help from dermatologists. Medical help was my only decision so I turned to laser and steroid creams. Tried five dozen, minimal change then back to making more appointments pushing my stroller from one end of Tokyo to the other just for the miraculous treatment. 


Talking to other women and friends I found a common interest. At home organic skincare that is fragrance free, organic, unisex, eco-friendly, affordable, coral safe and with a natural spf. 


In order to take care of others, we mothers needs to take care ourselves and love ourselves. 

Been looking forward to this launch. 

From one woman to all mankind. A wonderful treat from Mother Nature. 

SAGE Love Yourself ~

Founder of SAGE Cosmetics
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