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"Mother dealing with red painful rosacea on her face for 2 weeks. After taking your advice. I am only putting SAGE on my face. After using steroid creams for my flared up face, I am seeing such an improvement on my face."

"SAGE is wonderful and smells divine.I have been using it for a couple weeks now at night and my skin is rivived and smooth when I wake up. Totally different from any facial oil I have ever tried in the past!"

"I love SAGE. Have tried it on my dry hands and felt an instant softness and nourishing effect on my skin, I love the natural light smell. Looking forward to the launch to share with friends and family."

I used the SAGE oil for my son who has extremely sensitive skin, after 2 days the rashes on his arms have cleared up. For me it soothes my dry skin. The oil spreads beautifully and not at all sticky. Absolutely love this product!

Working at a hospital and constantly washing my hands, this oil continuously nourished my hands. SAGE is amazing.I have noticed a difference in my hairs texture and shine. I look forward to using it continuously. 

Mother and Daughter Love

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